Subject: Old Crew Re-Union!

If you haven't already heard, we (the old school inner circle) plan to meet up on the northeast coast during early 2004. Omar will be our city host. He is currently looking at various hotel rates in New York City. We may potentially stay in Philly (where Omar resides) if cost prohibits the ability of some to afford a "split hotel agenda".

The desired plan right now is to meet up for an extended weekend (3-4 days) in Jan 04'. The target is New York City or Boston. We'll split one or two rooms in a hotel and eat drink & be merry amongst the best bars/pubs that Omar stumbles into.

As we're all aware, this meet-up is long overdue. I am making this a personal priority. I'll be coming via airline whenever is best for each of you. Hopefully, it's just a short to modest drive for the rest of you. Will each of the inner circle please reply with your likelihood of whether you can make it (and what obstacles you may have... i.e.. wife, job, time, money, etc). Omar may be able to help with certain obstacles $$ ;)

I've also put this link together hoping that it will spark some old memories to get you to join us.

Nostalgia will be the theme of our gathering. Let's catch up with each other while we're still young and fairly single. It will be much harder down the line and the high school re-union will have no comparison to a meet-up such as this one. We've all got so many stories to tell (old and new).

Omar's number is: XXX-XXX-XXXX and my cell is: 719-761-3145